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I love a good op. And yes, I use ‘op’ as a verb. Not so long ago Mr. Someplacesouth and I set ourselves a challenge to buy clothes exclusively from second-hand stores for twelve months. We are nine months in and going strong, excluding one or two necessary new items that the humble op shop could not provide. Fortunately, the Southern Highlands is home to a really solid selection of op shops which has made our challenge all the more possible.┬áSeriously, it is AMAZING what people offload to charity shops down here. I’m talking tags-still-on-maybe-never-worn-mostly-brand-name-sometimes-fancy-european-designer kind of stuff.

For your benefit and because I am feeling crafty, here are some handy maps showing the go-to op shops in the area, specifically in Moss Vale and Bowral. Note that most op shops in the area are closed weekends. All the more reason to hang around the Highlands a little longer I say! Now, go forth and op!