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It’s a stretch for this blog’s borders, but someplacesouth is going coastal. The blowhole is cool and everything, but if you are planning on making the trip to Kiama, PLEASE come foremost for these local produce markets. A recent addition to the community’s weekly happenings, the Kiama Farmers’ Markets are held on Wednesday afternoons to provide a mid-week outlet for South Coast and Southern Highland farmers to sell their goods. As soon as the bell rings at exactly 3’o clock, the stretch of stalls along the water at Black Beach is suddenly inundated with hungry buyers armed with hessian bags eagerly seeking this week’s prey. Rabbit pie, organic kale, crisp red apples, German sausages, raw chocolate cashew brownies, gluten free mango muesli crunch, local mead, freshly picked chestnuts – make sure you arrive hungry!

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These markets are all about that which is edible so there is no need to weave past all the woven nick-nacks and scented decorative things to get to the good stuff. Kiama Farmers’ Markets proudly showcase local food rather than re-selling produce bought wholesale elsewhere, making the delicious, diverse and abundant spread of goods that much more significant.  Though logistically difficult for the 9-5 worker, a chance to pop by this mid-week treasure is well worth any negotiating with the boss for the afternoon off. Possibly the best view you will find while gathering your groceries, and some of the friendliest shopkeepers as well. Go for organic veggies from Farm to Feast, granola from Ravenous and fruit salad plant from the Italian guy. And heck, have a wander up to the blowhole on your way out just for kicks.

When: Every Wednesday 2pm-5pm in winter, 3pm-6pm in summer.

Where: Black Beach, Kiama.