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I don’t know that anyone really knows how auctions work (I certainly do not), but I still think you should reserve this Sunday morning for Dirty Jane’s Antiques auction anyway. Once every couple of months the back parking lot of Dirty Jane’s antiques warehouse is converted into something resembling a posh flea market with all items up for auction as the day progresses. To my fellow penniless plebs, this is our time to shine in the antiques domain with most bids starting at the very reasonable price of $5.00! Less than the price of a cup of coffee on soy with an extra shot in a mug a day!

The forecast for this weekend is clear, sunny and mild but if the morning chill hangs around too long you can always nip inside to Your Vintage Occasion for a tea and scone. Items available range from random scraps of used timber to vintage scales and pirate chests. If you’re looking for something in particular, you will probably find it. And if you’re not looking, you will probably find what you never knew you missed! I will be busy working for the man this time round but I’ve left you with a few snaps of some of my favourite pieces from last time..



Where: 391 Bong Bong street, Bowral

When: 9am onwards Sunday 14 September (Bi-monthly from then onwards)